Introducing KES – the Kinetic Entertainment System (former I-Motion System) – your ultimate assurance of safety and precision. With KES, enjoy SIL 3 Complete Systems meticulously crafted for touring, seamless integration, precise automation, and secure fixed installations.


MOVEKET’s chain hoist range redefines lifting capabilities in the entertainment industry. Renowned for precision, durability, and innovation, our chain hoists elevate performance across various applications.


MOVEKET’s controllers epitomize precision and control in motion technology. Designed for seamless operation and unparalleled accuracy, our controller range ensures optimal performance for various applications. From user-friendly interfaces to advanced systems for complex rigging setups, MOVEKETcontrollers empower users with intuitive control and safety features. Elevate your rigging experience with the reliability and innovation that defines MOVEKET’s controller range, setting new standards in motion control across diverse industries.

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